Instructions for use Motion Free

How to apply the cream Motion Free

How to use Movement Free

Is described for the treatment of the joints is not only effective, but also easy to use. The cream is easy to apply and the active ingredients are quickly absorbed for 10-15 minutes. The product should be used every day for at least 3-fold, preferably, a little massage the painful joints for faster absorption and increases the effect of the creams. The therapeutic rate of application is 4-5 weeks, but if necessary, can be repeated after one month break.

Indications and contra-indications

Use Motion Free displayed if any of the following symptoms of diseases of the joints:

  • swelling or puffiness of the knees and the elbows;
  • the appearance of the bone on the side near the big toe, causing discomfort and pain;
  • aches pain with weather changes.
  • pain in the legs or knees in the morning immediately after waking up;
  • not passing pain in the elbows and knees after a man was sick with the flu or a sore throat;
  • pain in the lower back, neck;
  • limitations of the motor functions of the limbs or torso;
  • typical crunches after turning the head, bending the elbow or knee.

These signs are important symptoms of osteoarthritis, arthritis and sciatica. These problems are not passed in the chronic stage, it is necessary to start treatment with cream Motion Free. This tool is made exclusively from natural ingredients, therefore, has no contraindications and side effects (you can also use children, women during breastfeeding). The only limit is an individual intolerance to any substance that is included in the cream.