Back pain in women causes

Different pain below the waist in women is may be a symptom of many diseases, ranging from minor to deadly. Sometimes women who feel the pain of pulling at the sharp movement. Frequent pain in the back during the menses.However, these symptoms are usually transient. However, chronic pain in the lumbar spine is already talking about some sort of obvious disease. It is important to identify the characteristic symptoms of the dangerous diseases or harmless, in any unclear situation, to visit the local therapist.

pain in the back


What can be the causes of lower back pain in women? There are many different diseases. Constant pain in lumbar region in women – a bad sign. Because of lumbar pain of this type usually does not bode well.

Increased load

Guilty of something pulling pain in lower back in women who have unusual physical exertion. If the girl was familiar with the sport and are greatly increased load on the back – the possibility of muscle strain. If pain pain in the lower back does not stop for 3-4 days, you should see a doctor. After load may be damaged not only the muscles but also the discs, and this is a good reason.

A common cause for lower back pain in women – the progression of pathological processes in the spinal column under the effect of the dramatically increased load.

Diseases gynecology

Gynecological diseases often causing pain below the waist in women. Can be affected, as the lower part of the back and side surfaces.

There are diseases:

Tumor formation (cysts) in the ovaries; Pathology of the uterus; Varicose veins of the organs surrounding the pelvic floor; Benign neoplasm in the inner wall of the uterus; rupture of the ovarian tissue.

It is for such reasons often pulls the waist in women. At the discomfort, lack of energy, irritability and other symptoms. But it can be a lot of really dangerous consequences: problems with the birth of a child, violation of menstrual cycles.


A lot of women who choose to have children and I was pregnant, often has pain in the lower back. Associated with physiological changes in the structure of the hip belt pain in the back, which are completely normal and need no treatment. Pain pain in the lower back, caused by a sudden increase in body weight and localization of the fetus in the region of the lumbar. In the last months of pregnancy can be painful, as the lower part of the back and lower part of the abdomen. These symptoms are not uncommon, but if you want to discuss the issue with your doctor.


Another cause for pain in lower back in women – excessive coating of the epithelium. In this disease of the upper skin layer of the uterus, which covers the surplus area of the pelvis. Endometriosis not only causes pain in the lower lumbar, the disease, which can lead to serious consequences. On premature treatment, ignoring the disease is disturbed reproductive function. And pain in the back below the waist, can cause infertility.


If pain in lower back in women, which may have period. This phenomenon is repeated regularly, so that the girls know what to expect. Lower back pain right lower back pain and left lower abdomen occur due to the contractions of the uterus and strong weight gain is stagnant water in the body.

If pain in lower back in women because of menstruation, you can take diuretics. This treatment will help rid your body of excess water and to ease the condition.

back pain menopause


Some pain in the back, on the right back connected with a certain period in the life of every woman. At the time of menopause occurs, the hormonal failure and blood circulation in the pelvis is broken. As a result, the spine is not getting the right amount of nutrients. And, directly, the cause of the pain complications vitamin deficiency (osteoporosis, etc).


Woman's body contains more fatty tissue than men. Older ladies have a tendency to be overweight, you can gain a lot of extra weight. In this case, the spine experiences severe constant load.

Excess weight can be a pain in the lower back, left, right or center. This is because the maximum pressure falls on the lower back.

Disease, Oncology

Tumors of any kind, it reaches a certain size, it begins to create pressure on the nerve endings. The result may be pain below the waist the left or right, depending on the localization of the tumor. Benign or malignant pathological education, must immediately start treatment. Any tumor may sooner or later become dangerous.


Why is the pain in the lower back or the abdomen? If the dress not for the weather, sitting on cold surfaces can cause hypothermia. The pain below the waist on the right appears, if a girl zastudited organs surrounding the pelvic floor. However, it can overcool and lumbosacral spine. Sharp pain in lower back right in women can be the cause of this hypothermia.

What a pain

A variety of causes in women can cause pain. The character of pain may be different. To the doctor in correct diagnosis, you should be able to determine the properties of pain.

Here are the main types:

A very distinctive pain that occurs suddenly, is focused on a certain point. For example, pain in the low back on the left. Drawing pain in the lower back, that occurs when the monotonous processes in the awkward position of the body. The occurrence of these symptoms the answers to the question, why pull the lower part of the back. Emits pain. It is characterized by local manifestations. Types of pain in the lower back radiating to the legs and in the groin, says the intervertebral hernia lumbar – sacral.

Emits pain require immediate treatment to the doctor. These symptoms are always misleading about the danger.

Locatam sharp, aching pain in the lower back left or right, usually do not carry serious dangers, but to go to the doctor is necessary. There are some diseases with diffuse symptoms, such as, for example, and running diagnostics.

One of the most dangerous cases, lower back pain, left rear, or right, that does not stop neither in a comfortable body position (lying). Very often give themselves cancer.

the diagnosis of pain


When pain in the lower part of the back, right, left, or any other the most correct solution is to appeal to the local doctor – the therapist. After the tour, the determination of the tests and some procedures, the doctor decides, whether to connect with other professionals. If the disease is severe, the therapist determines the consultation and the neurologist, the gynecologist, nephrologist, oncologist. If necessary, the examination, the doctors conclude, and determine the disease.

Very small chance that a patient has a metastasis, but biopsy is mandatory, because every minute is important in this case.


All lower back pain in women causes and treatment. It is important to correctly diagnose and determine the cause. Some of the diseases that are difficult to heal, some can be cured in a few weeks. Of course, each disease has its own treatment methods often used in combination therapy. However, lung diseases, or even a simple complication (during the menses or pregnancy) can be a remedy.

After a complete diagnosis, once the doctor gives permission, you can use some analgesic traditional medicine. These drugs that are used for pain in the right lower part of the back, on the left side. In short, localization is not important.

Some of the recipes for the fight against pain, for a peaceful view of the world:

A tincture of the root of elecampane is effective against pain in women. Should take about 5 g of roots and place in a Cup of boiling water. You can use several times a day a spoon. The tinctures on the basis of a field of horsetail is to relieve pain. You need to give about 20 g of the roots in boiling water, a volume equal to two cups. It may take 50 ml every hour. A tincture of the root of green is also analgesic effect. Take the green (35 g), and put in a glass of plain water. The tincture is prepared a couple of hours. You can then accept several times per day on a small Cup (70 g). The tinctures on the basis of dry raspberry leaf. You will need to take 2 cups of boiling water and pour 70 g of the dried raspberry leaves. You can take twice per hour, for a few days.

As you know, the female body is quite different from the male and therefore the occurrence of pain in certain areas in men and women, can be due to various diseases. Lower back pain in women can be one of the signs of pregnancy, symptom of indigestion, or to testify about an emergency threat to a woman's life.

The causes that can cause pain in the lower back

Causes of pain in women lower back can be very different, consider the most common:

Excessive exercise Herniated discs, low back pain, Gynecological diseases, kidney Diseases, Pregnancy, Menopause Endometriosis Complications during menstruation

Consider some of these reasons in more detail.

back pain due to fiznagruzki

Strong physical exertion

Very often the cause of lower back pain in women is quite simple and banal – too big load on the back muscles.

If a woman for a long time I didn't play sports and did not perform heavy physical exertion, after weeding the garden beds at the cottage, long walks with heavy bags or suddenly made a charge or other burden, especially related to the slopes the next day, you may experience severe discomfort caused by back pain.

Most often nothing dangerous in these pains regularly overexertion or stretching of the muscles that will soon pass. In this case, will help the regular warming ointment. However, you must keep in mind that after strenuous exercise can manifest pain caused by other diseases, in particular associated with pathological changes in the spine. So, if in a few days lower back pain in women it is not, this is a serious opportunity to go to the doctor.

Diseases of the spine

Pain in the lumbar region, which may indicate the development of pathology in the area of the spine. This could be a herniated disk or degenerative disk disease.

Osteochondrosis is the destruction of the cartilaginous tissue of the intervertebral disc. As a result, the intervertebral disc changes its original form and ceases to function as a sort of shock absorber for the vertebrae, which, however, begins to interfere in nerve endings, which is why there is pain, aggravated by the implementation of slopes and sharp turns. Osteochondrosis characterized by increased pain when bending and the appearance of difficulty in walking due to the fact that the pain radiates into the leg.

Also pain in the back and back can cause a herniated disc of the lumbar spine. The intervertebral disc consists of gelatinous nucleus pulposus and dense fibrous sheath. With age due to deterioration of blood supply to the spine of the fibrous sheath becomes less elastic, cracks appear. If the integrity of this fibrous ring is broken at the half-liquid contents of the bulges outwards is formed a hernia, which affects the nerves that cause pain in the lumbar.

Gynecological diseases

One of the most common causes of lower back pain in women, problems with gynecology. It should be noted that a large part of women's issues, which is often reflected with pain in the lower part of the abdomen and lower back. Sometimes the pain extends to the hips. Pain in lower back in women can occur in any of the following diseases:

cystic mass in the ovary; uterine leiomyoma; endometrial polyp; cyst apoplexy varicose disease of the pelvic organs.

Any of these gynecological diseases, which can be not only a nuisance, which is a nagging and aching pain, but also lead to infertility and menstrual cycle changes.

back pain due to kidney

Kidney disease

The occurrence of pain in the low back or back pain can cause kidney failure. In particular girdle pain in the lower part of the back is characterized by the deterioration of chronic pyelonephritis. This infectious-inflammatory disease that causes inflammation of the parenchyma of the kidney. This disease is caused by pathogenic micro-organisms, that enter the kidney via the blood or bladder through your ureters.

In addition to low back pain in acute pyelonephritis can be the following symptoms:

temperature; fever; sweating; headaches; difficulty in urinating; the appearance of blood and pus in the urine; loss of appetite.

Identifying causes of pain

If you have the experience of constantly recurring back pain, be sure to consult your doctor. In the beginning it is best to consult with a therapist who will carry out the initial survey, to find out why, pain in the lower back and, if necessary, referred to other specialists.

If you suspect a disease of the spine is necessary to examine the neurologist, who will lead the inspection, and if there is evidence called computerized tomography or magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbar spine. To exclude the presence of inflammatory changes in the kidneys, consultation with a nephrologist. It is also mandatory the inspection of the gynecologist.