Back pain: what to do, how to figure out why?

Very bad is when a person begins something to hurt. Everyone is ever pain, these feelings you want to quickly beat that you feel good. But sometimes, the pain disappears, and you have to do more of the necessary measures. Most likely, without the assistance of the doctors in the practice, in many cases not be done, and if any part of our body starts to hurt, we try to visit the hospital, if you want to learn more about your condition. In this article we will discuss the issue of pain in the back, and everything connected with them.

Types of back pain and their causes

pain in the back

Back, as you know, is the sitting part of our body. To ensure the regular training of the back, which will help you avoid future injuries and damage, you must regularly exercise. For example, the hands and feet, can be trained also in a natural way, without much effort – this occurs during normal walking while wearing anything heavier.

Many of us have probably already heard, that the cold cannot treat the two weeks will pass by itself. As for the back, so that will not be. Back pain, treated in the last years and positive results can not wait. If you view the statistics, it is easy to see that with complaints of pain in the back goes almost the same amount as with the SAR. What to do if you have back pain?

The painful feelings that people feel, may indicate the presence of various diseases of the spine and other internal organs. In order to properly identify the disease and make an accurate diagnosis, healthcare professionals will need to do some research, take the necessary tests, and may need to undergo ultrasound. The pain can be towed in the back and lower back. This can be dramatic in the chest, legs and also stomach.

The main causes of back pain:

  1. Very often the cause of back pain may be not only of the disease from the area of neuralgia, but also those, which are associated with the endocrine system. Take, for example, osteoporosis is a disease is completely transparent and the complaints of a sore back is only a symptom.
  2. Often hurt back, if a person becomes ill with pleurisy. In this case, it is an acute or chronic process in the lungs of patients. A person who has a cough, shortness of breath, very sore in the chest area, often the temperature rises.
  3. Kidney disease is one of the reasons for back pain. This happens, for example, urolithiasis or pyelonephritis.
  4. In very rare cases, back pain is caused by cancer metastases in the spine. From this also there is severe pain, which is difficult to endure.
  5. In the case of osteochondrosis may be observed also, degenerative disorders in articular cartilage. This disease is best treated with massage and reflexology. You can also use acupuncture.
  6. When intervertebral hernia progresses, one feels a very sharp pain and will not be able to cope with it. For the improvement of the General condition of the patient is usually used novocaine blockade.

In this case you should consult a doctor

back treatment

You will start to notice that annoying pain bothers you, the more often and every time is to become stronger and more unbearable? Then it has to be examined in a medical facility. By phone or over the Internet diagnosis is no one will deliver, but very often you can find people who are looking for the answer to the question about health on the Internet. This is not the best – fit so strongly that you would hurt me, besides losing valuable time, which could be used for a doctor's visit. Therefore, only a personal meeting with a good doctor to help you cope with the disease.

Everyone knows that is the correct diagnosis, which is in an early stage is the key to successful treatment. If you delay a visit to the hospital, you're given a chance, that some processes in the body to continue to progress, and the consequences for you can be very sad. A similar attitude to their health, sometimes leading to serious surgical procedures, and maybe even disability.

It is not necessary to determine the diagnosis by yourself and choose treatment. Without delay, they should plan appointment with your personal doctor, and he, in turn, will be able to guide you to the right specialist, create directions, to take the necessary tests. Only after all this can be diagnosed. In this case you have back problems very often take place survey at the urologist, traumatologist, doing x-rays and ultrasound examination.

Help yourself at home

If you know you have back pain, you have a poor posture, then you will need to help yourself. Bad posture, as we know, creates tension in the spine, causing various diseases. This contributes to unpleasant situations, for long hours, a sedentary lifestyle.

You need to take care of your health, not exercises for the back and entire body. A great way to relax the back a – vis on the bar. Also a good idea to go swimming, in the water, our back can relax as it takes its natural position.

It is very important to know if every day for a few minutes to stand on the wall, touching her neck, shoulders, buttocks and calves, a simple exercise will develop perfect posture and be a good preventive measure for maintaining proper torso.

Of course, each of us knows that should be handled at home, it is very dangerous, but to help you cope with acute pain can and should be. You will be able to help also regular showers with water at room temperature, and traction on hard surfaces. Very good in cases of muscle strain can help grease Diclofenac, Ketonal, Xefocam, Movalis.

Back pain during pregnancy

Often, young girls are in an interesting position, it is a pain in the back. Especially towards the end of the term of office of approximately 75% of women who suffer from this inconvenience. In most cases, this hurts the lower back, due to the new load, that cause annoying pain. Often when pregnancy is back pain or acute low back pain, or kidney disease, not only the load can be the cause of your suffering.


In order to facilitate their suffering, pregnant women are recommended to have on your side, until the complete disappearance of the pain. It can be used for back from the dry heat, ointments. The ointment should be to choose a doctor for pregnancy, it is very dangerous.

Women who often suffer from back pain during pregnancy, usually during childbirth to epidural anesthesia. The latter is an effective and safe method for pain relief. But, nevertheless, this method is considered a medical intervention, has its own contra-indications and medical complications. The anesthesia prolongs the duration of the work, which may entail the use of special medical instruments to help the woman.