Pain under ribs back

If you suddenly begin to interfere with pain on the right side under the ribs on the back, people always do not understand what the doctor had to go. People not familiar with the medicines that are usually attributed to the emergence of this disturbing symptom in kidney disease. However, practice shows that in many cases, painful symptoms on the right side of the back provoked other equally serious diseases. Let's see what diseases can be the cause of above symptom.

The pain is localized in right upper quadrant on the back, has many causes. In addition to the kidneys, this area hosted the gallbladder, intestine, pancreas, lung. Failure of any of these organs can manifest as unpleasant sensations in the lower back. Also pain on the right radiating to back, often when problems with the nervous system, the spine and pelvic organs.

What to do if your back hurts?


You can see that discomfort in the right hypochondrium is serious. When it appears the person who should as soon as possible to arrange an appointment to view the doctor. The doctor will send the patient for tests and examinations, and only after that he will set an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Wait for the pain to go away on their own, or self-heal in this case is absolutely contraindicated, because such actions can lead to deterioration of health.

So how do you determine which doctor to contact? For that you need to listen to yourself. Pain on right side under ribs in the back are distinguished by the localization, intensity, and frequency. They can be constant or occur from time to time, a sharp, dull or aching, to focus on a single point or cover a large area. Depending on the type and location of pain, it is possible to draw preliminary conclusions on what the body may provoke them.


Pain in the side under ribs lower back a symptom of chronic or acute pyelonephritis. In the case of when discomfort of the person concerned only the right to exclude pathology, which are located in this side of the kidneys.

The acute form of pyelonephritis accompanied by a constant dull pain in the side, which are enhanced when it is tapped with your fingers along the lower edge of the rear side of the affected kidney. In addition to the pain, the disease is accompanied by fever, chills, frequent urination, edema, General fatigue, nausea, vomiting. If left untreated, pain will increase and your health deteriorate. In advanced forms of the disease, which can lead to serious consequences.

For chronic right-sided pyelonephritis characterized by a weak pain the pain becomes more intense when you get hypothermia. Signs of the disease, in addition to pain in the lumbar region, are also a slight increase in body temperature and frequent urination. If in addition to the pain under the right costal margin at the person any other symptoms specific to acute or chronic pyelonephritis, should immediately see a urologist.


A visit to the urologist is necessary for suspected urolithiasis. With her pain in the right ribs at the back is bothering the patient, if he can find the stones in the kidney on the affected side. Pain in the lumbar region, it can be of different intensity. They depend on the size of the stone and its position in the urinary tract. Most often, when the disease patients are disturbed dull pain that intensifies when fast walking, running, riding in vehicles, and drinking large amounts of fluid. It can be both permanent and occurs from time to time. The constant companion of the disease is a painful,difficult urination: below is a stone in the ureter, the more pronounced the discomfort.

Liver problems

If pain in the back below the ribs, if you want to exclude diseases of the digestive tract. On the right side are the gallbladder, pancreas and liver. Inflammation in any of these organs, which is manifested by pain in the abdomen and back. Defects in the digestive tract, a person must visit a gastroenterologist.

pain in the back

Long hurt the pain radiated to the back in right, should be the occasion for a review of the liver. In a disease that body unpleasant sensations during exercise and become weaker in the rest of the world. In diseases of the liver, pain in right lower back, exacerbated after eating greasy, spicy foods and alcoholic beverages. In addition to her on the pathological processes in the body, which proves the nausea, heartburn, belching, fatigue, poor appetite, bitter taste in the mouth. Often, diseases of the liver accompanied by a yellowing of the skin.

Cholelithiasis and cholecystitis

Acute pain on right side under ribs front and back may mean an attack of gallstones and need immediate medical care. Deterioration caused by the stone prison bile ducts and is often the only way to treat the disease, which is surgery. The pain during an attack can radiate to the right shoulder, shoulder blade, neck. Sometimes it extends to the heart, causing angina. Simultaneously symptoms during attack gallstones are fever, discoloration of stool, yellowing of the skin. Cause acute disease can abuse oily and spicy food, exercise.

If right upper quadrant pain for a few days and this is a symptom that accompanied by fever, nausea, vomiting, constipation, flatulence, muscle tension of the abdominal cavity, then doctors first rule out an attack of acute cholecystitis. For this disease is characterized by constant aching pain of moderate intensity, sometimes with a sense of weight and a burning sensation. The attacks of cholecystitis, the vast majority of cases occur in people who suffer from gallstones.


Intense exhausting pain radiating under ribs (or one of them), in the lower part of the back and shoulder blades can occur when inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). But not all people who have the disease, which is manifested only unpleasant feelings in the described areas of the body. Often during the acute disease the patient's pain surrounding pain over abdomen and back. They are accompanied by fever, severe vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, fever and General fatigue. The pain in the attack of pancreatitis lasts up to a few days and disappear only after the person begins taking a prescription of specialist medicines, therefore, to postpone the visit, that it is not worth it. A serious illness that requires immediate treatment in hospital.

Inflammation Of The Appendix

Pain on right side under ribs back can cause appendicitis. For inflammation of the vermiform Appendix characterized by a constant moderate dull pain, aggravated by movement. Its location — right side, however, at the beginning of the attack may occur in the navel area, back under the edge or cover the whole belly. In addition to pain, appendicitis is manifested by fever, loss of appetite, nausea, one vomiting, liquid stools, increases heart rate. If a person who has had these symptoms, it is necessary to call an ambulance. The delay may end in peritonitis and death.

Pulmonary disease

pain under ribs

Permanent or recurring pain, pain in the right shoulder blade may indicate pathological processes in the lung, which is located on the affected side. This can be pneumonia, pleurisy and also a malignant tumor. In these diseases, pain in the back right accompanied by a strong cough with a bad discharge of fluid, weakness, fever. If the person is worried because of these symptoms, it is necessary to consult the therapist or pulmonologist.

Problems with the spine

Very severe pain in the right lower back arise due to lumbar herniated disc. You can spread the inflammation to the area under the knee, thigh, hamstring. Often, when the disease of people complain about numbness in certain areas of the lower limbs, tingling and burning sensation in the legs, paresis. The pain intensifies when walking, and lying down becomes tolerant. A herniated disc in the lumbar addresses the orthopedic surgeon.

Painful sensations of various intensity in the right upper quadrant may occur in lesions of the spine during a fall. If within 1-2 days after the incident, the man becomes easier, it is necessary to consult with the surgeon and to eliminate the possibility of injury to the internal organs.

Other reasons

Acute or nagging pain of thrills under the right fish may be the result of psychosomatic disorders. Usually occurs occasionally and lasts long. In this case, will help a person get rid of the pain of a neurologist or psychiatrist.

The cause of pain in lower right back can be diseases of the urinary system. When the discomfort persists and does not decrease, even if the person is at rest. For the fair sex is to be noted that pain is centered under the right edge, are a symptom of a number of gynecological diseases. Their diagnosis is to be used at the antenatal clinic.

But not always, nagging pain in the lower back indicates a problem with health. If it occurs after night and then disappears, then the cause is uncomfortable bed. In this case, one just need to change the mattress.

When pain in the right lower back it is strictly forbidden to put a diagnosis and taking medication that is not prescribed by a doctor. You cannot use a hot water bottle, even if its heat man becomes easier. It is important to know that in the right upper quadrant are located the vital organs, so that, when the complaints of pain in this area is an urgent need to see a doctor. Only the correct treatment approach will help the patient become healthy.