Back pain: causes, how to get rid of the pain, treatment

More than ailments, this part of the body are the only ways to treat them or at least temporarily relieve the symptoms. What is understood without tantrums and in order: what could be the matter and how to proceed.

pain in the back

The first thing you with us I have to admit that all my life to ignore the pain in his back will not succeed. Certainly you can try, but it is better to look for those who already did and now (in her age), suffering from sciatica, and numb limbs. I think nothing frighten you, let's be afraid of science. Back pain is the beginning of the disease, which can be a Thriller shoot – them are dynamic.


You study hard, literally occupied by books and a laptop. In times of especially sad the seat of the poor guy starts to whine. But among the couples and a trip to the library, you must run, swim, go to dance – so posture keeps the relative plasticity (i.e., returns to 'flat' position). Muscles are regularly relaxed, the silhouette straightened, and life is good.


You go in the Institute auditorium in the office, where it is necessary to build a career. Throughout the day. Again no luck – she bent over the infinite reports, and now poor muscles are forced most of the time to the spine in a unnatural position. Result muscle blocks (when to tense a muscle is voluntarily relaxed already), and prepared to recall.

Occasionally surfacing from the pool of career, you think about the conservation of forms – a few times a week (at best), or fitness. However, it is your (sedentary) life-style such loads muscles enough. Need more to shrink and (more importantly) relax to the smooth pump power of the spine. Without "food" the deterioration of the intervertebral discs: the early doctors call this process low back pain now – degenerative changes in the spine. Due to the fact that the discs weaken and become thinner, the posture that is ready to lock – in a form in which you sit on the computer.


But life makes its own adjustments to these plans – for example, that you are pregnant. And here already the belly pulls the lower back forward, and muscles become similar to high tension wires. After birth, the spine would have been happy to stand in place and stretch the body, but muscle blocks firmly hold it in a curved condition. Now your posture is reminiscent of the letter s with a SAG in the lower back (thank you pregnancy) and the club in the thoracic spine (thanks to the computer). The vertebrae are "comfortable", which lies at an angle to each other and uneven pressure on the discs – and those, respectively, are deleted too uneven.


You are in shock from the fact that you, a young and spectacular woman, had backache in the lower part of the back (seemingly only raised her grandson). What the hell? Can understand for a visual example. Draw on the paper the letter V, and rotate the piece 90 degrees. Imagine that this angle is located the vertebrae in the curved spine. Among them – the intervertebral disc. With one hand he squeezed (and I see that you have already often hurts), and with another – absolutely free. What does it do? Sheets, where a clear and spacious – this is called "protrusion". And drive don't care, that wherever he went, is can nerve endings – to put pressure on them – you have to shout and demand the pain killers, the doctor and the right. You have every right to: it's not usually a dull pain and burning in hell.


Your fingers are numb, back pain, heaviness in the whole body and other pleasures of degenerative disc disease becomes for you norm. And do you dream only about how the piers at least not in the hernia, because the hernia worse. In this case, the intervertebral disc bursts, this means inner contents, and the nerves are beginning to threaten paralysis. Weak consolation – even the night must always be corrected through massage, exercises, chiropractic and physiotherapy. However, if part of the gel flowed, hardened, that it is already indication for surgery. That is sailed.

As you know, our gloomy prediction may not be. At any stage you can expand the process in reverse – and the sooner you do it, the more chances for success. We (I hope) that will help you to make the first step. Just warn that we will not consider heavy options (the same hernia and protrusion). Such cases require professional medical help. We must begin to understand how to restore the back, in which accumulated muscle tension in the amount of irregularities of posture. I?

What to do

The main cause of pain, back pain, muscle spasms. It seems, what is the problem: it is necessary to relax the muscles and then give them the tone that they are strained and relaxed – and the body will be enough.

"If there is even minor violations of posture, muscles and bone structure involved in the conspiracy, says orthopedic trauma. And in a week or two the pain continues. With a inverse relationship also works. If you force the back to be repaired and monitored closely, the posture, the muscles will strengthen the attack and the return of the spine in bad condition."

what is back pain

Sounds sad? Not at all. The production is very simple: work on your posture and the back muscles need a systematic character. It is necessary to systematically and accurately, acting as coach of the tigers, to accustom the body to live relaxed and to stay in the correct position.

Treat the symptoms

Millions of people on the planet who suffer from pain in the back, and can even come to terms with it. But you're not masochist? Ached – it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible.

  1. Grease. "Such a form of treatment for muscle pain in the back, is fully justified, says the neurologist. – Since our main goal is to relax the muscles. And the heat here is a good assistant." For proper posture, that does not help, but for some time it will be easier to exist.
  2. Massage. "For pain in the back, especially recommended General massage that worked out all over the body – said the founder of the health practitioner. – This is not always hurt, where there is a problem. Imagine that you are a bit torn dress and sew: the stitch will break the symmetry of the whole clothing. With muscles, the same story: rooting can be a shoulder, and the reason is overexertion of the muscles of the thighs. Even if the therapist cannot recognize that will work the whole body".
  3. Acupuncture. "It is good in relieving pain as well as moxibustion, as practiced in the Chinese clinics. Last but not let a good seal on the skin – therefore I'm for the needle" – shares his experience of Alexei Mitrofanov. "Acupuncture, like acupuncture in General, however, it really works, – says Anna Vladimirova. – Unfortunately, in our latitudes, to find a good expert in this practice, it is more difficult, as the competent doctor. But it's worth it: you will find – you will not be sorry."


Longer muscles, which will, in the normal state, the more likely it is that the curve of the spine adapts to this rule, that is, will not attempt again to place the muscles in terms of strain. Why massage and acupuncture are encouraged to apply courses not less than 10-15 treatments (warming ointments, you know, in a global sense, nothing will change). Plus all of these activities it is necessary to Supplement physical therapy and other healthy activities .

Chiropractor and osteopath

If the entire massage and needles you cannot come, it is time to throw in more sensitive hands. The main experts in the resolution of back pain and causes of pain, chiropractors and osteopaths. These people "see with their hands" – not able to palpate muscle tension, to find out where they are "growing", and everything to relax. Plus doctors work with the bone structure (you can align the vertebrae and joints), and osteopathic internal organs (correct their work, so that is no longer the transmission of pain signals in the spinal – trust me, this happens).

"Osteopaths are soft, without pain and stress, Dr. harder, – says Olga. But you and others insist on one thing: one session will be enough. To retrain accustomed to living in a curved spine and the muscles must be progressive, systematic and persistent". The course of treatment on average lasts from six months to one year, provided that the visited the doctor, which is once a month or two. Choose the right chiropractor, ask friends who have successfully trimmed back.

Physical activity

The best doctors, massage therapists can spend hours, to be thrown at you, removing pain and flexing the muscles. But without your active steps, their efforts will still fly in a tube. So, what would you do?

  1. Yoga. This is in our country is not always taught correctly. The most dangerous of the instructors of young girls, who really don't understand why you have the leg behind the head is not removed. Good teachers will never admit to any pain or excessive tension in the sections. Plus for a visit to yoga class, define the direction. For example, dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, a man with a bad back you can die in an accident. "All of the proposed options market, it is better to choose classes in yoga, says Olga. – They are specially designed for people with problem backs."
  2. Pilates. "This type of education came to us not so long ago, and the culture of teaching of the saved, says Anna Vladimirova. – Therefore, the Pilates thing, which is safe and effective." Most importantly, before starting, warn the instructor about your back problems – then you will be accompanied by your safety and, if necessary, to make the simplified versions of the exercises.
  3. Gym. "If mindlessly swing back, you can literally bury yourself alive, says Olga. – Read the forums bodybuilders: ripped the back is in first place in the list of their problems. People with a bad back should choose a complex of exercises together with the instructor, which knows how to combine weight training with stretching, they have the ability to improve the problems with the spine. If a competent coach is yet to be found, it is better not to go to the gym, and in classes in physical therapy (in the clinic or in the gym)".
  4. Qigong. "This is a safe and effective way to maintain the health of the back – of course, Olga. From the security point of view, such exercises are suitable for everyone. With position, you can vary the load." Qigong, as well as Pilates, working all the problem areas of the back, so that the strictly individual work is necessary.

What is the risk that the wrong posture

The spinal column is directly connected to all the internal organs. The brain, managing their work, the team travels through the spine. From the last nerve – impulses, which travel in the heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and other parts of your inner world. If the spine curve, this defect in years to prevent the passage clear and understandable impulses. As a result, the organs start to not – and as the older they are, the more noticeable. Try to experiment in the middle: the diagnosis of a friend (neighbor, grandmother), probably with high probability.