Entry back. How it will be?

Back pain can be called one of the most common health problems, among those, which are most commonly encountered modern man. Causes of pain in the back, and, or treatment methods, can be a huge amount. The most important thing – setting the correct diagnosis. And if in the one case, you can do therapeutic exercises, physical therapy or massage, other non-pharmacological treatment and surgery is necessary. That does not lead to complications and deterioration of General condition, appearance of pain in the back, it is better to consult a specialist and undergo the appropriate tests.

Back pain: causes and symptoms


The causes of back pain may be different:

  • Blown back – the term is known to every adult, who has had experience cutting constant pain and stiffness, due to hypothermia. Saving compresses and ointments, warm underwear and a scarf, knotted around the back do wonders. In severe cases even require injections.
  • Lumbago, the common people of the cross. Sick of the weight back, can also cause sleepless nights. If you don't stop giving back burden, aching, shooting, blunt and sharp attacks of pain in the lower back and legs, will only increase. Over time, even a simple cough will cause of their reconstruction.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to ensure timely treatment. Dry pain medication and hot compress is a temporary solution to the problem. The main course may be prescribed only by the specialist.
  • Constant pain pain and numbness in the lumbar area are the signs of a herniated disc. With this, one it is difficult to bend and unbend, to move the limbs. For pain attack, you can take painkillers, then you should consult with your doctor.
  • Low back pain – the evil, in the XXI century and knowing that you do not need to run the disease, and timely contact the specialized Agencies, which provides a comprehensive treatment, including physical therapy, massages, therapeutic exercises and manual therapy.

This is only some of the main reasons that can cause pain in the back. No need to exclude problems with posture, leading to incorrect load distribution on the back and causing back pain.


In any case, we must never jump to conclusions and make a diagnosis on the basis of the words of friends who have had similar pain. The diagnosis must engage a professional.