Causes of pain in the spine middle of the back

The reasons why the pain started in the middle of the spine, a few. Pain occurs due to disease of the internal organs, muscular-skeletal, spine Section, low physical activity, excessive physical exertion, strong nervous feelings. Treatment brings efficiency only in the case when the reason why pain in middle of spine.

The cause of the pain

The spine

Pain in the middle of the back to surprise you, brings a painful feeling, reinforced by ignorance of what to do in such a case. When the back hurts, the area between the shoulder blades and below, the first thing to do is consult your doctor.

Mechanical violations

Not thinking about the consequences, people carry on physical activity, the body cannot cope, the pain is in the middle of the back. Heavy building materials, ladies handbags products and other, pregnant women, whose weight and load on the body increased – this is not a complete list of reasons why pain in the back in the middle.

Non-mechanical disorders

Injuries, strains, and other mechanical violations do not always result in a shift of the joints. The internal organs, especially in the thorax, affects the spine and back area. The causes are determined only by qualified doctors who have experience. Competent diagnosis and treatment that will help you to get rid of the disease without complications.

Cramps in the muscles appeared with tension, stress and nervous feelings that you have in the back, brings the pain. The reason is contraction of the muscles, creating spasms in mid back. During strong spasms for stressful situations appears slouch, which affects the distribution of weight on the spine. Up and down mechanical impact on different areas of the back, displaced joints, pain in the back.

Speaking in medical language, "power spine" cries of pain impulses, aching, or sharp and acute. The pain spreads to the lower and the upper part of the spine.


Diseases of the muscles and joints that hurt, in the middle of the spine, represent a lot of the list. If the pain is accompanied by fever, it means disease of the internal organs.

Scoliosis refers to the category of mechanical damage. The unnatural curves of the spine causes the nerves zaselyalsya, and there is pain in the spine. The manifestation of pain is coming at a time when a night rest. Distorted posture caused by mismatched workspace, or weak muscles. The first stage is pain that occurs from time to time, further phase – progression with increasing pain, which has become a regular.

Congenital or acquired disorders or by a shift of the intervertebral disc. Pinch the nerve endings, when moving from what causes pain in the middle back.

Inflammatory processes that affect the muscles of the skeleton, e.g., myositis. The discomfort is felt in the back muscles on the left or right. Occurs when driving and pressing on the painful area.

Arthritis, a disease that affects people of all ages. Pain in the spine middle of the back, to give people a chance to shrug. The body is bent, which affects the organs inside. There are heavy and light forms, but each of them needs treatment.

In osteochondrosis in the thoracic spine begins to hurt, the development of degenerative processes in the sections, which causes the formation of growths and look of the destroyed vertebrae. Suddenly, dramatically appears the sensation of pain are the cause of that is pinched in the nerve fibers. In the absence of impact at the end, weak and felt pain when moving;

Problems of internal organs such as the heart or kidneys, affect the condition of the spine. If it hurts the heart, is felt in the upper limbs or shoulders. When symptoms coincide with the area of the heart, this may indicate a myocardial infarction. At high temperatures, you should think about the health of the kidney, their disease cause, that the temperature in relation with inflammatory processes. In acute renal dysfunction is a high temperature, swollen parts of the body.

Pain in the middle of the division is the result of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or gallbladder. Gastric ulcer is given in the middle part of the back or on the left in the middle. Painful gall stones spread on the right upper part of the abdomen, increasing or decreasing, accompanied by vomiting.

The development of the infection


Types of diseases a lot, but this is one of the most rare. The infection is displayed in another area of the body and the blood goes to the area of the blades, where the pain occur different levels of force. Fever when infections, that are inevitable.


Doctors prescribe drugs, treatments and non-pharmacological: acupuncture, reflexology, manual therapy. Popular manual and hardware massage, the way of traction.

Massage is a way of dealing with pain in the average back of the spine. People who spend a lot of time in the car, which lead the passive way of life, experiencing severe stress, are faced with the problem, pain of the spine. Massage is a treatment that will eliminate pain and pleasure.

The therapeutic massage is done in the home, in the absence of contra-indications: cardiac pacemakers, Oncology and others. It is better if the massage, which are only open to health professionals who have experience in the direction of the therapist.

For the temporary relief of the pain, when the injury or damage of topical poultices and ointments. Part is used strictly on prescription, others are available without certificates. For the treatment has helped, it is important to visit a doctor in a strictly defined period of time. With other types of diseases, self-diagnosis is prohibited, eliminate the reason the situation has not worsened the consequences. Necessary of course for the body in the fight against the disease, inside and outside. Cold shower or hot bath to reduce the level of pain in the middle of the spine.

The corset does not have treatment options, but leaves open the possibility that he went to the doctor to relieve suffering, to relieve the pain. If you wear a corset over a long period of time, the disease enters a chronic phase.

First aid for acute pain

Times when you may need immediate referral to the medical aid are as follows:

  • If the person is less than 50 years, but the pain is constant;
  • After the fall, overexertion of the body or injury.
  • All the major pain;
  • The temperature increase of pain in the dorsal division;
  • Shown when changing the position.

Feeling pain in middle back is familiar to many, but health care units, considering that the temporary pain is not dangerous and requires no special treatment. Cases immediate intervention, while crucial, are becoming more and more frequent, this vascular insufficiency, infection, or cancer education.



What to do to avoid pain? This question has some useful answers.

  • Avoiding the frequent and heavy loads on your back, the probability of negative effects is reduced;
  • Select a comfortable position, both while sitting and lying;
  • In the area of the spine was healthy, would need to lead an active lifestyle, swimming, medical gymnastics, sports;
  • It is useful to avoid the Lift, often resorting to the stairs;
  • Regularly to diagnose the state of not only the spine, but also to the whole body;
  • Morning exercises are useful at any age. This strengthens the ligaments and muscles, eliminating the likelihood of damage.

Preventive massage is done not only for professionals but also for people who do not have much experience. The event will be twice as enjoyable if you use the creams and aromatic oils, which are purchased in pharmacies.