Ointment for your joints at home

In ancient times Arabian doctors studied the performance of plants, experimented with combine, wrote various manuscripts. With the help of these records useful recipes for traditional medicine and came to our time. Osteoarthritis hands is treatable with special ointments, or preparations, by the people recipes. Osteoarthritis is treated on the basis of a combined approach that includes different methods of treatment.

Studies of the effects of the ointments used in osteoarthritis of the hands and osteoarthritis, showed that only 7% of drug is absorbed into the skin, because the skin does not allow you to absorb more of the medication. Therefore, ointments that can help with the disease, only relieve the symptoms, not the cause of the disease.

One medicine does not cure disease, such as arthritis. Doctors recommend the use of the whole complex of measures in osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis, which involves treatment folk remedies, the implementation of gymnastic exercises, rest and treatment in sanatoriums.

A description of the use of ointments for osteoarthritis of the fingers

Ointments, as a medicine, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect from their use. Depending on the nature of the inflammation, whether it is osteoarthritis or polyostoarthrosis use different ointments.

Options for the establishment of the ointment against joint disease homemade way


The ointment can be performed independently, using appropriate plants. So you can not only a financial saving for the family budget, but also to get a very effective medication for the treatment of joints.

Your homemade ointment used for osteoarthritis of the fingers, can bring more benefits than those

that are offered by pharmaceutical companies. When you use homemade ointments can eliminate the harm of chemical drugs that harm the body.

The use of ointments for arthritis, on the basis of a manufacture, which provide recipes of traditional medicine, which include the use of a variety of plants, which have characteristics similar to drugs.

Ointment used for osteoarthritis of the fingers, you will not be able to fully heal the patient, but only to facilitate its status. The necessary additional therapy. The ointment allows the patient to remove the inflammation, warms and increases blood circulation, reduces pain. Ointments help the nutrition of the cartilage and joints, while at the same time promote increased blood flow in the tissue.

If you take white chalk, which is usually used in the school, pour kefir, sour cream and yogurt, mix well, the resulting mass can lubricate the pain in the joints. They are then covered with foil and bandage at night. This medicine, prepared at home, to help relieve pain, reduce tumor recurrence and improved circulation.

To make the ointment, you can use 3-4 teaspoons of oatmeal, which is filled with boiling water, then boil for 5-7 minutes, put on low heat. It is a thick porridge, cool it to use before sleeping at night. To obtain effective result it is recommended to use a recently cooked oatmeal.

The use of hellebore Caucasian for the production of ointments is effective. Take 20 g of dry herbs, crushed into a fine powder. Then the drugs are additive components:

  • Oil (vegetable oil) - 10 g
  • Honey - 20 g.
  • Mustard powder - 5 g.

The entire mixture must be heated in a water bath and cool. Storage of the mixture a dark place, where it was maintained at room temperature. Ointment rubbed in the hand with arthrosis of the fingers.

The ointment based on calendula

The healing properties of calendula are similar to the properties of the used drugs on the basis of chemistry, which contain salicin, which correspond to the level of the efficiency of acetylsalicylic acid, e.g. aspirin.

An ointment made with calendula flowers, will enable you to relieve inflammation and bruising them in the home helps to relieve the swelling and relax the muscles. This ointment is the replacement of all the known muscle relaxants, help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

In acute course of arthrosis of the joints of the hands the operation of the ointment based on calendula ineffective, therefore overloading the diseased bones of the fingers may result negatively for the patient's Overall condition. In addition to the ointment based on calendula, there are also other very useful recipes for you to cook yourself.

It is important, just adhere to the technology use of the ointment. In disturbing the joint should be rubbed a thin layer and secure it by wrapping with a bandage or food foil. After the ointment is used, usually of the painful spot washed with water.

Ointment different recipes against osteoarthritis

For the production of the Ural ointments use ingredients:

  • Mustard - 100 g
  • Salt (food grade) - 200 g
  • Paraffin.

By mixing the components, which must be a mixture in paste form, it should be kept in a warm place over night, then thoroughly rinse off any mud after use of the drug.

For the preparation of the ointment osteoarthritis on the basis of the following components:

  • The leaves and roots of comfrey 1 and 2 of article
  • Olive oil - 2 tbsp.
  • Honey ¼ tbsp.

Cure the roots of the plant should be finely chopped, as well as the leaves of the Honey can be taken in liquid or molten state, obtained in a water bath. Components to the mixture using a blender. If you have a warm honey paste should be applied to the joints, and upper tie a bandage or dressing.

The ointment should remain in the hands for a day, then wash away. Keep it can be 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Save the ointment for a long time, leave it in the fridge for 2-3 months.

Medication for osteoarthritis of the fingers, which can serve as an ointment, prepared by mixing herbs, such as:

  • Hops.
  • Donnik.
  • St. john's wort.

It is necessary to grind and mix 10 g of each herb, so that the mix of medical vaseline (50 g). Stir everything thoroughly until a homogeneous composition.

Medicine against osteoarthritis with the use of sabernik

To grease with sabernik. This medicinal plant is pulled the roots, has a special value, which allows you to heal a variety of diseases, including arthritis of the hands.

Must have:

  • Hand cream in a tube.
  • Tocopherol (vitamin E) - 10 drops.
  • Alcohol tinctures sabernik - 1 tsp.
  • Tincture of pepper - 1 tsp.
  • Natural honey - 1 tbsp.

All the necessary components are thoroughly mixed, then the ointment is rubbed in a circular motion in the affected joints osteoarthritis. The ointment should be kept in a cool place. This medicine may reduce muscle inflammation, reduce the effects of pain effects.

Drug for sabernik can be used as a way to friction. Some of the medicines manufactured in pharmaceutical companies may contain sabernik. This plant, which is totally safe. It is possible to make tea, and various tinctures for oral and rubbing, grease.

From sabernik you could compress. The dried herb is infused in the vodka for 4 weeks. The tincture, which is obtained, it is necessary to pour, as part of its take more than 20 drops per 1 once in the morning and before bedtime.

If the infusion sabernik used as a poultice, it is used for half an hour and insulated. Contraindication sabernik is only the presence of individual intolerance. sabernik, like any medicine, should be used only after consultation with the doctor, who needs to make an accurate diagnosis.

Knee pain treatment at home. Folk remedies for the treatment of knee joints

The musculoskeletal system of the person experiencing severe stress at every movement. Very complex structure, which are the joints which often become inflamed and suffer injury. In this case, there are severe pain, which impede the movement of man and degrade his quality of life. Especially often suffer from a Cup. This joint has a very large burden, especially in people with excess weight. And inflammation or injury, that would be a lot of suffering.


Not all people turn to their doctors about knee pain. Treatment at home this problem, however, is not always effective, since without addressing the reason painkillers will not help. Therefore, it is the main thing with this problem is to make the correct diagnosis. And seek medical help immediately, as soon as the pain in the knee.

What kind of doctor can help

If the problem occurred after an injury, of course, need to consult an orthopedic surgeon. They can recommend an effective means for quick return of freedom of movement. But it happens that the pain comes on suddenly, for no apparent reason. Who to contact in this case? For the first time, it is recommended that you visit a therapist. He will prescribe the tests and recommend what kind of doctor to visit. This will probably be a rheumatologist. In difficult cases, when the diagnosis fails, you can visit a neurologist.

Symptoms of problems

The disease may appear suddenly, the knee in such cases, whining, or shooting sharp pain. This is worse when walking, especially when running or climbing stairs. Sometimes the impossible becomes even the slightest flexion of the limb, which greatly complicates any movement. Pain may be continuous, dull or severe, and can occur only when driving or at night. Pain in the joints may be after the load or a long walk. The pain is localized mainly in the inside of the knee. You can root and back under the knuckle or above. And the pain on the side of the knee often indicates physical damage. If the disease becomes chronic, and the pain, occasionally disappear, but may occur after any stress, exposure to cold, or even in infectious diseases.

Who can feel the pain in my knees

  • First, the risk group includes older people.
  • Often the victims of injuries of athletes.
  • Suffer from people with congenital predisposition towards joint disease.
  • Those who wear uncomfortable shoes.
  • In the knees are often in people with overweight, the problem may be also during pregnancy.
  • The occupational activities can cause abnormalities in the functioning of the joints, such as those that are long you need to kneel or squat.

Why there is pain

Inflammatory or traumatic damage to the cartilage and ligaments. - Accumulation of fluid in the joint, or lack of. - A pinch nerve. - Strong load due to excess weight or physical fatigue. - Contact with foreign matter in the joint.

The causes for the problems

Most often it is due to chronic or acute arthritis. Because it decreases the elasticity of ligaments and the deposition of mineral salts in the joint, which causes pain. - A little less common arthritis - damage to articular cartilage not inflammatory in nature. Mainly doctor about the pain in the knee the elderly, which is associated with age-related changes to the joints. The crunching and pain in knees can be called bursitis. - A variety of household and sports injuries are also often the cause for this problem. - Congenital disorders, metabolic disorders or certain diseases can also cause pain in the knees (gout, lupus, or rheumatism). - Strong physical activity or excess weight. - Vascular disease and impaired circulation in the knee can also cause pain. - The cause of the problem may be an infection or tumor.


How to treat the disease

Determine the problem only by using pain medication is ineffective. You must first find out the cause of pain in accordance with her doctor's prescribed treatment. It is usually complex. As part of therapeutic measures to eliminate this problem?

  1. Pain relief with poultices, ointments and pills.
  2. The treatment of a disease that is causing the problem. This could be in the medical facility and at home. Sometimes there is enough local resources, in particular, however, requires more drugs for ingestion or injection. In difficult and neglected cases may require surgery.
  3. In the final stage of treatment should be restoration of the joint mobility. This can be done with the help of physiotherapy, physio treatment or massage. In addition, you need to know, resources for preventing problems, as the Cup has a complex structure and is very susceptible to damage.
  4. What else is important to do for my knees? Treatment at home necessarily mean adherence to a specific diet and avoiding Smoking and alcohol, which can exacerbate the problem.