Severe pain in the right side of the back, in the lumbar region and the kidneys

Lower back problems always the expression of pain, this is a problem very often. The intervertebral discs in this region are very sensitive and wear out faster than other parts of the spine. In a standing or lying position, the spine undergoes tremendous pressure of the weight 50 to 100 kg, and if the person is sitting in the wrong position and slouch more than 220 kg.

pain in the back

Lower back pain, a General term that indicates a symptom of different types of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In 86 % of the adult population experience frequent back pain, but only about half of people who suffer from this symptom heading to the doctor.


As soon as you have pain in the right side of the back in the lumbar region, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor as this may mean that you have obvious kidney disease or other diseases. Depending on the type of pain, this may indicate a variety of diseases that can be determined only after the tests.

In case, if a person has acute pain on the right side in the back, it can mean the following conditions:

  • appendicitis;
  • abscess;
  • inflammation of the right kidney;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • cholecystitis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • gallstones;
  • pneumonia;
  • pneumonia;
  • cancer of the bronchi or lungs.

In some cases, when pain occurs very frequently the patient must be hospitalized immediately, otherwise, may be the most unforeseen circumstances, and in some cases complications may lead to death.


Mainly the pain that is felt in the lumbar region on the right side, evidence of the following diseases:

  • problems with the spine, which may be due to such diseases, as a pinch to the nerve endings, transport, and various injuries of the spine and the destruction of bone tissue;
  • a violation of the pulmonary system, resulting in a diagnosis of pneumonia, bronchitis, cough, inflammation, or the presence of cancer, tumors;
  • problems with the digestive system, which are the result of cholecystitis, pancreatitis, ulcers, cancer and intestinal colic;
  • it may cause kidney disease, such as renal failure, pyelonephritis, inflammation and kidney stones;
  • problems with the spleen, gallbladder and liver also manifest such pain.

The pain is only a surface symptom and if you ignore these signals the body can cause a lot of problems related to health. In the event that these symptoms do not occur systematically and quickly disappears, is not even a reason not to seek medical help. You should not put your life in danger and your health.


As soon as the person begins to feel the smallest pain in the lumbar region, first and foremost you want to seek the assistance of your local therapist, who is in the review process shall determine all necessary checks. In addition, must carry out a review of the following experts:

  • nephrologist;
  • podiatrist;
  • urologist;
  • trauma;
  • neurologist;
  • the gynecologist.

As for the tests, for a more precise diagnosis are assigned to:

  • In the KLA and the OAM;
  • biochemical blood analysis;
  • Ultrasound;
  • daily testing and analysis of urine on Nechiporenko;
  • radiography;
  • computed tomography;
  • MRI.

Depending on the type of pain in each of the case studies are assigned at the discretion of the doctor and suspected diagnosis.


To correctly determine the treatment, you must first properly diagnose and perform all the symptoms. Indeed, in most human cases, in addition to pain, there are other signs. Besides, painful feelings can have the following characteristics:

  • the pain may manifest itself, acute or obtuse;
  • emotions can be stabbing, shooting, sharp, aching or nagging;
  • depending on the localization to occur in different parts of the back;
  • be weakly or strongly expressed.

In the event that the patient develops severe pain in the right side of the back in the lumbar region, the first thing that you want to exclude a pathology of kidneys. Because these symptoms often indicate problems such as pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, glomerulonephritis or urolithiasis. In addition to the pain of such disease, which is manifested by the following features:

  • there are significant changes in the quantity of urine and its color;
  • edema on the body;
  • there is a significant increase in blood pressure;
  • the diagnosis of cramps when urinating;
  • there is an increase in body temperature and fever.
kidney problems

When a patient has pain in the back, on the right, can also indicate problems with the gallbladder. In some cases, painful feelings may give under the shoulder blades or in the neck, on the right side. In addition, the patient can be monitored following characteristics:

  • you receive a bitter taste in the mouth;
  • belching;
  • there is bloating and irregular bowel movement.

If the patient is diagnosed with kidney stones, then a late appeal to the doctor can lead to blockages in the gallbladder and the development of renal colic or jaundice. To avoid unpleasant consequences it is necessary, when there is pain, seek medical attention immediately.

When a person who has a bad back right side may be a sign of intestinal disease. In this case, in humans occur predominantly spastic or annoying pain, mainly the increase in the process of eating. In addition, you can include the following symptoms:

  • bloating;
  • constipation or diarrhea;
  • rumbling in the abdomen;
  • look in the mud, the blood and mucus.

Regardless of, or occur in humans, additional symptoms, if pain in the lumbar region, you should not self-heal, as in some cases the wrong diagnosis can not only cause irreparable damage to your health, but to provoke a situation in which there is a danger to life.


Very often appeared pain in the lumbar region reflects on the problems associated with the spine. This is mainly due to compression of the nerve endings or muscular overexertion. But it is the most normal situation in this case, since the pain may also indicate serious problems, such as osteochondrosis, hernia, curvature and more.

In addition to pain in people with spinal column problems, can manifest the following symptoms:

  • tingling or numbness of the skin;
  • decreased elasticity of the skin;
  • dryness of the skin;
  • pallor of the feet;
  • reduced sensitivity;
  • changes in reflexes.

In this case, the pain can progress and because a man is completely unable to go about normal business.


When pain is the diagnosis in female, then in addition to all the above-mentioned diseases, the cause may be a problem in the gynecological plan.

Much of the pain is often complemented by irregularities in the menstrual cycle and may indicate the pathology of the ovaries or uterus. In this case, a woman can still be a vaginal discharge, and fever. That would rule out gynecological pathology need to ask for help to the gynecologist, who is already in the process of inspection can either confirm or deny the presence of a number of diseases and the prevention of various complications.


Lumbar pain can be a result of damage in the back. For confirmation of this pathology, it must first pass a visual inspection, which can be identified for bruising, swelling, abrasions and bruising.

When even the slightest back injury, it will be necessary to seek the assistance of a doctor, who after examination will be able to determine their severity. Back injuries can also cause severe damage to internal organs and cause bleeding.

As soon as you are injured, you should immediately seek medical help, and if it is brightly expressed, it is best to immediately call an ambulance. An ambulance is called immediately in the following cases:

  • when there is a sudden and sharp pain over a period of time, which does not move, and only increases;
  • there is a strong and unbearable pain below the ribs;
  • in the process of injury to persons due to the pain and loses consciousness;
  • people who also experiencing sharp pain and dizziness.


In the case that the person who is the pain in the right side of the lumbar spine, it is a symptom, which may indicate quite different disorders. This is not necessary in this case to try to determine the cause and self-cure, as sometimes even experienced physicians cannot do this without further assessment. Only after the patient undergoes the examination, will pass all the necessary tests and conduct x-ray examination can an accurate diagnosis and identify the cause of the disease. After this obligatory assigned a complex treatment. That would get rid of the disease should strictly follow all recommendations of the doctor, only in this case it is possible to recover and to avoid complications.