Back pain: what your doctor to seek help

If pain in the back, sometimes we don't know what doctor to address. Due to the fact that the back can hurt for a variety of reasons: neurological, orthopedic, manual therapy. So, what was the doctor to go, when the pain in the back? To this end, we will try to understand in this article.

pain in the back

You should pay attention

The pain each person over the age of 30 for once in my life, but appealed. But not everyone at the slightest discomfort go to the doctor. While we should not ignore the advice of a doctor when back pain is not occasionally, but regularly.

You should pay attention and take notice:

  1. Spine hurts at the end of the day, even if the load was small.
  2. Symptoms are accompanied by shooting them from different parts of the spine: in the neck, chest, lower back.
  3. With pain in different parts of the body: shoulders, arms, legs, chest.
  4. If the temperature rises, numb hands and feet.
  5. My back hurt for a few days, weeks or months in a row.
  6. Along with a sick spine and internal organs, while low back pain is sharp and in the bodies of dull, oppressive.
  7. Spine hurts after a fall, bad, or previous disease.

The nature of the pain in the back

That the doctor will have to go, if you have debilitating discomfort in the back, is defined because the Department in which the hurt of the spine, what is the nature of pain, it gives in other parts of the body, pain. Pain in the spine may be not only due to diseases of the spine, but also due to kidney disease, heart conditions, cancer, tumors, lung and bronchus.

The back can be annoyed under different conditions, for example:

  • When you turn the head, pain in the thoracic spine, can lead to heart, catch my breath.
  • When turning the head or with a long stay in one position when the head tilts there is a pain in the neck, the syndrome may be accompanied by dizziness, blackouts, tinnitus.
  • During the lifting of the hands, torso twists, head tilting can be a pain in the chest, both alone and together with additional symptoms.
  • When the bending of the torso, bows, and other manipulations, you may have pain in the lower back and tailbone, sometimes the syndrome can give the legs, buttocks.
  • Also the spine to wear down the discomfort in the blades or between them.

In addition, you should pay attention to what kind of pain occurs, how and when it shows:

  1. Sharp.
  2. Silly.
  3. Hurt.
  4. With the crosses or not.
  5. Or is reinforced under certain conditions, or not.
  6. Or is accompanied by additional symptoms.
  7. Not in other parts of the body or not.

What the experts deal with the pain?

Depending on the cause of pain this problem addressing the many professionals.

  • Neurologist and neurologist physicians dealing with pain, if the cause was a violation of reflexes or any neurological pathology. Survey instruments in such cases are special needles, hammers.
  • M. D. — a doctor who deals with back pain due to osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine. The treatment of this doctor takes place after a review of these technologies, such as ultrasound, x-rays, MRI, CTG.
  • Therapist – specialist in unpleasant sensations in the spine, the causes of which were not degenerative processes in the tissues and vertebrae, inflammation and diseases in which the response is stiffness and pain in the spine. In this case, your doctor will review the patient and rule out (or confirm) the disease, which is caused by the occurrence of back pain are: heart, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, lungs and bronchi. For the disease, which is identified with the help of laboratory studies of urine, blood, sputum, ECG, ultrasound and others. If the disease is confirmed, the therapist determines which doctor the patient consulted: cardiologist, gastroenterologist, urologist, nephrologist.
  • Trauma, which deals with issues of the spine, when the injury (bruise, fracture, sprain, shift). Back pain is from mechanical injury of the patient.
  • A chiropractor deals with the spine, if the pain become different posture: scoliosis, kyphosis.
the spine

Tips the sufferers of back pain

The above experts dealing with back pain, however, the list may be incomplete, because some causes of pain are not fully understood so far, and the problem may not be limited to conservative methods of treatment. If methods, without surgical intervention has proved powerless to the healing process the connection of surgeons, which solve the problem of operational methods.

Our website can recommend to our readers the following:

  • Do not self-heal, the sooner it is better to consult a doctor, as you run the disease and bring it to the operating table.
  • Try to determine from what moment got back, what was the reason, remember what drugs were taken and whether they helped.
  • Do not ignore accompanying symptoms (fever, heart pain, fever, rales in the chest, tachycardia and arrhythmia, shortness of breath, etc.).
  • Tell the doctor about the patient's previous illnesses, existing chronic diseases and other necessary to treat the facts (pregnancy, lactation, use of all medications, allergies).
  • Start to solve the problem with a trip to the therapist, after a thorough investigation, it will direct you to the right specialist.

So, wondering which doctor to visit when caring for the back refer primarily to the therapist, who will help you to eliminate the disease and will direct to the right specialist who will be involved in solving problems.