14 exercises that will help you to get rid of back pain

No matter how old you are. Almost every person on this planet once or more, have experienced the uncomfortable pain in the lower back. Here are 14 exercises that will help you, it would be much easier.

If the pain grows every day, then you should definitely visit a doctor. As prophylaxis it is possible to choose two or three exercises from the list and do them regularly. But in any case, the wrong choice of exercises can only harm, and we urge you to not solve all of your problems self-heal.

Inversion table

exercise inversion table

The inversion table is a great way to stretch the muscles of the back due to the force of gravity. If you experience recurring back pain, buy this Desk will be the best investment.

The posture of the snake

The snake poses — this pose yoga, which will serve as a good preventive exercise for the back. Make sure that the feet together, and drag shoulder up as much as possible.

Lumbar rotation

In the implementation of these exercises, keep your shoulders off the ground and try to touch the knee of the opposite side.

Child's pose

Lie on the floor, clasp hands behind knees and pull them toward your chest. The lower back can be remove with the ground. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds.

Stretching on the ball

If you have the ball, you can use it. Lie with your stomach on the ball and try to relax. You can lie on the ball as much as you want.

Foot hold in statics

This exercise requires no effort. Position, in which legs are over the back, allows you to provide blood to the lower back and ease the pain.

Stretch for hyperextension

Exercise for hyperextension reminiscent of the same on the ball. Only the simulator will probably be in each hall. The initial position and slowly extend your back, hold this position for 15-30 seconds.

Stretching the hips

Starting position: on your back, bend one leg at the knee and place them on top of each other. Pull the legs towards the chest, thus stretching the muscles of the hips and back.


This workout is carried out, if you have no back problems. It perfectly develops muscles of the back and is the prevention. However, if you are already experiencing back pain, then it is strictly contraindicated.

The exercise of "prayer"

Sometimes back pain can be caused by weak abdominal muscles. Rehearsing "the prayer" perfectly strengthens all of your abdominal muscles, but its implementation will need to be in the gym.

Exercises on the ball

If you do not like going to the gym and you have a fitball, it can be great for replacing some of the exercises. Start position: place both hands behind the head, bend down, stretching the back muscles, then rise to starting position. Repeat a few times.



The technique of the exercises is the same as in the previous case. If you have access to a hyperextension, with the help of this exercise can strengthen the back muscles.

The rise of the pelvis

Starting position: lying on your back. Press the lower part of the body with the head down and stops some time in this position. To complicate the exercise, you can put on belly extra weight.


If you want to get rid of the pain in the back, not only through the workout. Take breaks every hour and get up from a chair. So you can warm your back and muscles, so as to change the position.