Lower back pain right

In a standing or lying position, the spine undergoes tremendous pressure of the weight 50 to 100 kg, and if the person is sitting in the wrong position and slouch more than 220 kg.

pain in the back

Lower back pain, a General term that indicates a nervous symptom of different types of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In 86 % of the adult population experience frequent back pain, but only about half of people who suffer from this symptom heading to the doctor.

Why is a sore lower back on the right side, or better to say "because of what a painful lower back"?

When the complaints in the low back, pain on the right or the pain in the right side of the waist, the first thing that first of all will pay attention the doctor is, of course, the spine. Although the causes for pain in the low back on the right can be hidden, not only in the problems of the support-motor apparatus, as we noted above. The discomfort may occur because of illness, intra-abdominal organs, malformations of the digestive system and the metabolism. However, as practice shows, the back pain still signal problems with the spine, that may be in the background accompanied by disease, the other of nature.

The most common causes of pain in the low back on the right and their signs

Spondylosis lumbar.Sore lower back at the bottom right, the pain is constant, nagging, pervasive nagging lower back pain right lower back pain on the right side. Can disappear, when bending the torso forward or lying on the other side in the bent position up. Can cause lameness, temporary numbness of the feet and the buttocks,is not a good feeling .

Sciatica.A burning, aching pain in the lower back on the right, close to the spine or side, pain radiates to the leg shackles of motion in the lumbar spine.

A herniated lumbar spine.Acute pain in the low back radiating to the muscles of the gluteus, posterior surface of thigh muscles and the lower part of the leg, numbness, tingling of the fingers to the toes. In severe cases of the disease for the treatment of diseases of the genital and urinary tract, the digestive tract.

Osteochondrosis in the lumbar spine.Sudden pain, which may provoke awkward movement, coughing, or just tilt. The man freezes in one position for a few minutes, unable to straighten up. Pain, burning, bursting pain in right side radiates to the lower back, pain in the lower back right or left.

Stretching of muscles and ligaments.Pain can occur with time, a few hours after heavy physical work, an unsuccessful motion in training or prolonged static position with a bent back.

Trauma of the spine.Sharp pain occurs immediately after the impact, the fall. Is growing character, removed the analgesics only for a short time and again resumes.


Very rarely back pain caused due to more serious disorders which include bone, but still among the possible cases are the following.

Osteoarthritis.Include pain, which is usually absent during the night rest period and repeat in the morning, but gradually improved in the following hours after waking up; pain may worsen because of climate change, wind, humidity and changes from a warm to cold environment and localized pain in the lumbar region on the right.

Scoliosis.Lower back pain can occur due to the back muscles, which are forced to deal with the overload of work.

Ankylosing spondylitis.Symptoms - severe stiffness of the joints in the morning pain that can be alternately act on the one hand and on the other the back and waist, and then move to the chest, problems with breathing in the chest.

How to treat lower back pain on the right of women and men?

The treatment of low back pain in men and women is carried out only by a doctor. As the first self-help it is advisable to lie. Remember, the sooner you see a doctor, the greater the chance to avoid complications and surgery.

Treatment methods for back

Question, where and how for the treatment of low back pain on the right is a choice: a regular clinic at the place of residence or specialized medical centers that deal with this problem of the spine. They are different in concept, the approach to human health. In public hospitals, can pass therapy, designed to eliminate pain medication way.

In the program of recovery used by:

  • therapeutic exercises;
  • training on the specific equipment;
  • exercises for stretching of the spine;
  • kinesitherapy;
  • the course of processing;
  • massage to consolidate the curative effects;
  • and many other sports equipment.

After the full course, customers will feel positive changes in the field of health: increases mobility of the joint, again become flexible, tighten and strengthen the muscles, it is excess body weight, improves overall health, without medication, have a chronic illness.

back treatment

To reduce the load on the lower back, recommended:

  • to avoid the steep rises on the leg;
  • to avoid the incorrect position of the body position in them for a long time;
  • do not wear shoes with high heels;
  • select right shoes for wearing during physical activity;
  • the order and the use of individual orthopedic insoles in the shoes.

To improve the efficiency of the structures that hold the back on the axis, which help protect against injury, it is recommended that:

  • the regular practice of physical activity (exercises for toning, stretching, associated with moderate aerobic activity);
  • keep the body weight in the normal;
  • avoid Smoking and alcohol;
  • treat yourself to a pleasant stay, avoiding the stress as much as possible;
  • in the case of back pain, avoid excessive rest, are trying to make the movement in accordance with the size of the injury.

Of these councils, it is clear that the movement of the key role in the prevention and treatment of the spine. It is no coincidence that a significant number of health checks completed by the indication of the periodic movement of activities whose goal is the reduction of body weight and improves muscle tone and elasticity. Among the many benefits that physical activity has on the reverse side, you must also know about the positive effect on reducing stress and improving the vascularization of tissue.