The treatment of low back pain without a doctor

Lower back pain, problems faced by people of different ages, she has known that men and women can be a reaction to stress or hypothermia.

It often happens that a constantly sore lower back in people with a sedentary lifestyle.

Pain is exhausting, those who are night pain in lower back, not enough sleep, this fact reduces efficiency, difficult to focus on the goal, even if for a day, the pain is not worried. Therefore it is very important to relieve pain as quickly as possible.


pain in the back

Humanity is familiar with the lumbar pain, for a very long time, and so long searched for methods to deal with them. A lot of traditional recipes that are time-tested and performance is not worse medications and physiotherapy procedures, and from a financial point of view much more accessible.

Recipes alternative medicine helps to quickly get rid of the acute pain, in a few days to get to his feet. Some alternative medicines, which are intended not only to address the symptoms, but the treatment of the disease, which cause joint pain.

Some traditional recipes include quite rare in today's time, the components include, inter alia, the use of tools that can be found in each house. A variety of recipes allows everyone to choose the appropriate to.

Causes of pain in the low back

The lumbar pains are of a different nature-pulling, cutting, stabbing pain, a burning sensation or pain, there are different intensity, from causing discomfort to unbearable.

Differ and localization: it happens, it hurts the spine in the low back or pain that is concentrated in the left or right of the spine, or is in the vicinity of the character, capturing also the lower part of the abdomen.

If the pain in lower back when sleeping, the cause may be an uncomfortable position in bed. But this is often a sign of serious problems with the spine or internal organs. Lumbar pain can be explained by the following reasons:

  • diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the lumbar area
  • inflammation or injury of the muscles and the ligaments of the back;
  • congenital anomalies, infectious, inflammatory, degenerative, oncological diseases and injuries of the spine;
  • diseases of the internal organs – gastrointestinal tract, kidney, female genital, prostate; appendicitis with atypical location, a hernia in the lumbar triangle;
  • disease of the Sacro-coccygeal articulation, or hip joint pain, irradiating to the lower back;
    pregnancy, menstruation.

If you want to determine the exact cause of the pain is important related symptoms. So, if a sore lower back on the right side can be a sign of urinary tract infection (accompanied by nausea, fever), irritable bowel syndrome (observed bloating, gases) or a herniated disc.

Traditional methods of treatment

the root of the

The most common methods of alternative medicine are:

  • compacts, including warming.
  • rubbing;
  • hot baths;
  • dry heat;
  • herbal teas for drinking.

The treatment of low back pain compresses

To compress or not to cloth smeared or impregnated therapeutic composition, or the composition is applied directly to the body, and at the top it is covered with a cloth, paper, plastic wrap, if the wrap warms, you need a bath.

It is also used for the compression of the leaves. The course of treatment depends on the health, you usually need at least 3 days.

Compresses better to do at night, some of them have for approximately one hour, some left for a night or even a few days. After this treatment in the morning, pain in the lower back a lot less. Here are some of the recipes.

Horseradish or radishes.

Grated on a grater root extract along with the juice. If you have sensitive skin or for children, the compress can be made less hot by adding a lot of cream.

You can also mix equal parts of horseradish and mashed potatoes, cooked in their skin. The weight of the superimposed a thick layer on the affected area, which is covered with polyethylene and wrapped in a woolen shawl or a wide scarf. The compress should keep the hour and a half, usually three treatments are enough.

You can use radish juice, moistened in a thick cloth wrap on the top and uses a compression. If the burning sensation bearable, compression keep for up to 2 days.

Saline compresses. Salt dissolves in hot water (1:10) in this solution, the moistened folded in 8 layers of gauze, covered waist pack attach to the back with the towel and left for the night.

A compress of herbs. Made the like the salt, only used a hot infusion of chamomile, thyme, elderberry and st. john's wort.

If the pain is caused by problems with the kidneys (often painful lower back on the left side) can be compressed to use on the infusion of spicy greens – parsley, dill, celery, which is filled with boiling water for 20 minutes. At the top of the compress, you need to be warmer, the course will be 10-15 procedures.

Packs the sexual. Fill sex more flat bags made from fabric, boil in hot water under the lid, squeeze and cool slightly, so that it can be attached to the body, as it cools down to replace the warm that the total duration of the procedure was made hours.

Garlic compress. Crushed garlic infused in the infusion, moistened a towel, he pressed the juice of the lemon.

A compression uses a cold, old, until they are body temperature (approximately 20 minutes), if necessary, change the, fresh. If you want to change the packs until it is resolved. For complete disappearance of pain usually requires 5-7 days.

Honey warming.

The affected area the lower back lubricated with a thin layer of honey on top hiding the toilet paper. Put mustard on top, top, wrap with plastic and some wool. Try to keep a maximum of half an hour, with a strong, burning less, how many will be able to endure.

A mustard poultice. When there is no mustard, but the dry mustard powder, you can make a compress, which is spreading in hot water (40⁰). The mass of the consistency of sour cream smeared piece of cloth, held for a few minutes.

From the leaves of the horseradish or burdock. Horseradish leaves are used fresh, washed, burdock can be taken dry, pre-pour boiling water, put them on the bottom of the page back. The leaves are bound in the lower back, hold this compress should be at least one hour, you can leave it a few days.


Rubbing, as it compresses, it is recommended to do at night, and then wrap the lower part of the back.

If pain in the back below the belt, to be rubbed and lower back and areas that are below and at the sides of the impact area should be wider than the painful area.

Rubbing folk medicine recommends the use of alcohol or vodka infusions of such plants:

  • eucalyptus;
  • red pepper;
  • mushrooms;
  • Adamov root;
  • dandelion roots;
  • lilac;
  • the roots of burdock, burdock.

Used for grinding, not only the alcohol tincture. You can use the juice from the agave, but begin the treatment with caution, for monitoring of skin reactions, with a strong, burning to wash off the juice.

Good effect giving an infusion of the flowers and leaves of tansy by the addition of salts. Half a Cup of boiling water is given 2 tablespoons of dried tansy and a teaspoon of salt, grass, insist hour in a thermos and salt is added to the strained infusion.

Honey wrap, you can replace the honey massage the painful spot smeared with honey massaged and spankings, followed by separation of the palm and swipe.

Healing baths

healing baths

For the treatment of pain in the low back is good, take a hot bath with healing additives, which must be, until the water becomes warm. There are 2 main versions of such therapeutic baths:

  • with the addition of mustard powder – 200 g in the bath;
  • with a decoction of mint – 300 g per bucket of water, boil for 20 minutes.

Dry heat

The easiest and most economical way is to sew wool fabric flat pouch of this size, so it covers the affected area. It can be filled with sand and stones of cherries, which are pre-warmed in the oven, a microwave oven, in the pan and attach it to the lower part of the back.

The Pouch should not be too hot, warm, but not burned. Traditionally used to warm the mustard, pepper patch, ready or homemade (cut the pods of hot pepper, remove the seeds and stick to the plaster core to the outside).

Medicinal compositions for oral exposure

Internal treatment of low back pain depending on what cause they are called.

For kidney stones will help with the diuretic effect and infusions and decoctions of rose hips, plantain, nettle.

With sciatica effective alcohol tincture of cinquefoil. The dry roots, broken, month infused vodka (the root of the average size for a half-liter bottle). Infusion to drink a teaspoon 3 times a day therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Sciatica and lower back pain are also dealing with the wine of elecampane. In a three-liter jar, it is necessary to take some of the crushed roots, a litre of honey, 100 g of yeast and water (boiled, warm) enough to fill a glass of 4-5 cm below the neck.

Mixtures of fermented as a regular wine, a little less than a month, then filtered and cleaned in a cold place. This composition, you need to take 100 g twice a day, eating honey, to the end.



The effectiveness of many folk recipes for the treatment of low back pain is recognized as official medicine. For example, mustard, garlic compresses, honey compresses and rubbing, compresses with herbal collection, herbal treatment of comorbidities.

But such an exotic, or difficult recipes, such as packages with gun oil, dust, Turkish tiles, rubbing with turpentine, or the tincture of fly agaric, strokes with nettles doctors think are useless or even dangerous.

Also making the choice in favor of popular recipes, is to consult with your doctor to determine the cause of the pain. After all, if, for example, sore lower back, the right rear, this can be a sign of cancer, and degenerative changes of the spine, treatment, who need a significantly different approach.

In the case of intervertebral hernias require surgery. Lower back pain, it is typical for pregnant women and heat treatment, is not recommended. So the treatment with traditional methods should be reasonable and prudent.