What to do if you have painful back muscles: causes and treatment

If you think that the information presented in the context of medical statistics, every third person on the planet, suffers from this or that pathology of the locomotor apparatus.

The most common are arthritis of different Genesis, as well as arthritis.

Third place in the structure described above, the disease is pain in the muscles myalgia. The most frequent back pain, muscle. Despite the prevalence of this problem, the less dangerous the disease becomes.

Myositis (muscle inflammation), followed by pain is a potentially disabling condition.

What you need to know about these misfortunes? Try to understand

sore muscles back

What are the pain in the muscles of the back, and what are the complications

Pain in the back muscles are a common symptom of the disease, such as myositis. At first glance, the pathology seems harmless: it seems, moreover, to the discomfort of nothing else, in addition, with the passage of time the pathology goes "there" by itself. This is a profound mistake. Myositis danger lies in the complications. Among the most frequent is calcification of the muscles. In fact, the disease is not transferred, it is silent and transparent to the patient continues to flow gradually, in the chronic form.

Calcification leads to the formation of static elements in the muscles, and interferes with the normal contraction of the fibres of the muscles. This is a direct way for poor circulation: "dura" is simply the muscles, compression of the blood vessels. Especially dangerous such a state, localized in the neck: the muscles of the com of the arteries that feed the brain. This is the full stroke. No less dangerous myositis of the thoracic and lumbosacral spine. In this case, the danger lies in the compression of the nerve roots: this condition can easily lead to paresises and paralyses also heavy. Because it is so important to receive timely medical care.

Reasons for painful muscles of the back

There are several possible reasons for painful back muscles.

  • The first and most common is recently transferred the disease infectious, inflammatory nature. This is exactly what is called "cheated." The impact of low temperatures on the muscles leads to local immunosuppression and inflammation. Therefore, pain and discomfort.
  • Auto-immune diseases. In this case, the immune system, their muscle cells for dangerous pathogens and initiates protective responses. This is the most complex type of the disease, which requires a cautious approach to healing. This includes connective tissue, etc
  • The presence of foci of chronic inflammation. The reason why your muscles get sore back can make even bad teeth, diseases of the throat and mouth.
  • Rare, but common among dog lovers the reason why helminth infections, particularly echinococcosis. With the flow of blood to the representatives of this helminth are carried throughout the body and can be "solved" in the eyes, brain, liver and muscle. In this case, in the structure of muscle fibers formed cysta-sicut capsule with Echinococcus. To diagnose this type of myositis is difficult. Especially so, because not only Echinococcus infect the human body.
  • Abuse of alcoholic beverages. Leads to poisoning, as well as pain in the muscles.
  • Workout. Certainly anyone who has ever involved in intense physical activity, knows the importance of pain in the muscles. In this case, the reason is simple: due to the heavy load of effort and muscle is covered with microcracks. Then over time the muscle tissue is growing again. It is not dangerous, but uncomfortable.
  • Damage in medical history. In this case, is the cause of the pain is clear.
  • Constantly in an awkward position.

If the sore muscles, the causes must be sought among the above factors.

And related symptoms

All of the myositis symptoms appears bright (except chronic). Among the most frequent manifestations:

  • Pain. The main source of discomfort for inflammation of the muscle tissue. The pain is severe, painful or annoying. Worse after physical activity, change body position and generally after trying to stretch sore muscles. Spontaneously mine in the morning, increased towards evening. The pain can be very intense, radiating in the chest, lower back, head, ears, lower jaw. May masquerade as angina, a heart attack. Separator myalgia from cardiac problems "by eye" is impossible.
  • The feeling of stiffness in the muscles. Felt like back upholstered tight corset. Discomfort increases after physical activity.
  • The reduction of the functional activity of the spine. Manifested due to the severe pain.
  • Feeling of foreign object in the back
sore back muscles, what to do

As a rule, the clinical picture shows all the symptoms at the same time, however, it is possible options. This is especially true for chronic myositis of the pectoral muscles. In the case of chronic forms of the disease, in addition to weak pain patients will not feel anything.

Who is at risk

  • The risk groups are:
  • Persons who perform work on the air. They are often exposed to low temperatures
  • Professional athletes. Are myalgia is associated with overexertion of the muscle structure.
  • People working in physical labor.
  • Older.

The diagnosis of pain the back muscles

From the point of view the diagnosis of myalgia can be a challenge, because it is important, a Separator myositis from the diseases of the heart, the lungs, the stomach. This can be done only with the doctor. As a rule, the diagnosis and treatment of myositis included doctors, surgeons, operating in conjunction with the therapists. In the main review, the expert asks questions and keeps a record of all complaints. Then comes the turn corporis research (palpation) and functional tests, designed to assess the capacity of the back and spine in General. The main role of the instrumental investigation. With their help, the doctor certificat diagnosis.

During his studies:

  • The X-rays. Allows you to troubleshoot problems with the bone structures of the spine. This is an important step for the differential diagnosis. The main drawback is the lack of visualization of the muscular structures, which are in the soft tissues.
  • MRI the diagnosis. Offers detailed images of the affected areas muscles. Suitable for the determination of testopodobnymi entities, including echinococcosises.
  • Puncture. It is used in the presence of cystic cavities in the muscles. Required to detect damage to the parasitic

For the purposes of differential diagnosis may be granted for other review methods:

  • EKG. The EKG can detect problems with the heart.
  • Respiratory function necessary for the evaluation of the functional status of the lungs.
  • Radiography in the chest cavity.

In some cases, are informative, and laboratory tests. In particular, assigned to the General analysis of blood. In a sample of blood — leukocytosis, elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, low red blood cell count. Direct signs of inflammation.

A complex of these surveys is sufficient for accurate diagnosis.

Sore back muscles treatment

Treatment, if the sore back muscles, especially health. In the case of therapy are used:

  • Antispasmodic drugs (to relieve the spasm of the muscles).
  • Analgesics. Used for the relief of pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. Need to eliminate the inflammation in the affected muscles.
  • Antibiotics. Named in purulent infectious myositis.
  • The muscle relaxants. Allow to remove a pathological muscle tension.

The drug is the first step on the path to full recovery. Then comes, physiotherapy and massage. They can be assigned as in the period of exacerbation and in the remission stage. Specific names of procedures and medication by the doctor. Order your drugs is strictly prohibited.

In extreme cases, when the abscess or hydatid cyst, surgery is indicated. Fortunately, that happens only rarely.

Painful back muscles: prevention

Prevention if a sore back muscles, this is quite easy. Among the recommendations:

  • It is not necessary to SuperCool. This is underpinned by the emergence of myositis.
  • All sources of chronic inflammation need to be sanitized.
  • If you are experiencing a strange pain, you need to contact your therapist or surgeon.
  • It is important to stop Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

As long as the patient can maintain health.

Myositis — it is not harmless. Started pathological process can lead to disability. So not worth the risk. Mindfulness is the main companion of a healthy person.